Grief counseling

Registration is Open for March 14th’s “Journey”Session!

The Journey is a program that brings together families who have already been through a session of our regular programming. When we come together quarterly for The Journey, we share a meal and meaningful activities as we honor the memory of our loved ones. The Journey allows us to reflect on the ways our lives have changed since experiencing the loss of a loved one.

The Five Senses Of Our Loved Ones
A Sad Isn’t Bad Journey Event

Tuesday, March 14
5:30-7 p.m.

When a loved one dies, a child misses every part of this person – what he or she looked like, sounded like, smelled like, and even some of his or her favorite foods!  Join us on Tuesday, March 14th and bring something that represents one of your loved one’s five senses.  You can bring a snack to share, a blanket to touch, a soap for us to smell, a painting to behold, or a song to play – use your imagination!  

From 5:30-6, we’ll serve a light meal of Jimmy John’s sandwiches, with the understanding that some of you will bring some family-favorite dishes to share too!  We will then have a time of group discussion, admiring all the sensory items your families brought along to share.   Then the adolescents and kids will enjoy some active time while adults meet for conversation with one of our counselors.  Free nursery care is available for the youngest members of the family.  As always, the event is free, but registration is required. Registration closed on Sunday, March 12th.

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